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Beauty, Expansion, Delight

B.E. Delight: Combining my loves of beauty, growth, and humor! 

Hi there! I am a meditator-lawyer-artist who loves to learn, explore, and grow. I’m naturally curious and love to share my discoveries. This is my space to share some insightful nuggets and pure delight!

In each post, I share something BEAUTIFUL, an IDEA that I'm playing with, THE GOODS (fun products), and something purely for DELIGHT -- humor!

Life offers a giant buffet of so many potential resources and offerings. I would never presume to tell somewhat what they SHOULD or MUST do -- except for Transcendental Meditation, everyone should do TM! ;)  But if something blew my mind or works for me, I’ll share it here. You can notice what resonates for you and take that. Leave the rest! As @erintelford__ says, “I want to offer, not preach.” So, these are my offerings to you. Enjoy!