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This is my space to share some insightful nuggets and pure delight. Enjoy!




Sharing this beautiful collage piece by one of my favorite Boston artists, Mae Chevrette. I have a few of her prints and this one is going on my wishlist!


I let go of the past and allow my future to flow in.” – This month's mantra from The Numinous newsletter. This one is really resonating with me right now, and is a comforting touchstone to come back to again and again.    


I love tea. In fact, I'm a bit of an aficionado (or perhaps just a hoarder), and this rose tulsi tea is my latest obsession. It has a beautiful rose flavor without being overly floral or heavy. And I love that the bags say that they're "stress-relieving and magical." :)


This video of a pup trying to catch a frisbee in slow motion. His facial expression is perfect! 

And a bonus giggle: this spectacularly terrible Apple transcription of a voicemail that I got. For real. “Just calling to tell you that you’re a bitch!” 

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