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This gorgeous image above from Jenny's Print Shop, titled "Splash." I bought the jpeg of this beauty and am blowing it up to 24" x 36" for printing and framing!


Affect labeling. A fancy term for simply identifying what you're feeling. I don't really understand the magic behind it, but it helps me feel better! The idea is to talk to yourself as you would a friend, and simply label your feeling. Tune in to yourself and ask: “What are you feeling, sweetheart?” Respond: “I’m feeling ____” Then say: “I see that you are feeling ____ [lonely, sad, anxious, etc.…]. What do you need?” Then repeat! 


My hair never looks better than when I leave the salon. I finally asked my stylist how I can re-create what she does at home, and she suggested this curling wand. My first trial with it wasn't a smashing success, but I'm looking forward to more experimenting!


Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe looks like people in old time-y photos? Hilarious.

And speaking of Harry Potter, this animal shelter is using the sweetest adoption strategy! Here's the video and article. I love the Hufflepups!


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