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This artist paints her immediate landscape on trash she finds onsite. The pieces themselves are gorgeous, and the photographs add a little bit of optical illusion! 

via the always brilliant  Emily McDowell

via the always brilliant Emily McDowell

This! I've been thinking about this image. As 2018 comes to a close, I want to be an informed and active citizen but without feeling constantly overwhelmed by tragedy and challenge. Besides all the typical important "self care" (rest when I need to, balancing introvert and extrovert time, treating my body well), something I've recently discovered is the way I consume news media really matters. My new-favorite way to stay informed is to take my news with a healthy dose of comedy. My current favorites include podcasts ("Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me," "Lovett or Leave It," and "Throwing Shade") and daily newsletters (The Skimm or betches_sup). I know some friends also like TV shows like Seth Myers or Trevor Noah. This is just permission to explore a balance that works for you! 


Cheap workout gear! High quality without being so expensive that you feel like you shouldn't even sweat in it. My favorites are these leggings/yoga pants (with phone pockets!!) and these racerback sports bras (which even come in packs! of 2, 3, 4, or 5!).


One of my favorite comedian discoveries of 2018 is Iliza Shlesinger. She has a standup special on Netflix called Elder Millennial that I can't recommend enough! Go watch! Here's a preview:

Bonus delight: this is old but makes me laugh every time: Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals In Western Art History 

Here's a sample:

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