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This gorgeous poem by Morgan Harper Nichols, and cheers-ing myself to a new chapter.


I’m thinking about the Sanskrit word “santosha.” (Jess Lively has a little post about it here, too.) Roughly translated, santosha means contentment or harmony. But on deeper investigation, it also captures the idea that we can hold two opposite or conflicting feelings/thoughts/experiences at the same time and they don’t negate each other. What does that mean? More simply, this boils down to a very specific language shift: “And” vs. “But.” Here’s an example: I’m really excited for my trip BUT I’m nervous about the flight. See what happens there? The flight nerves totally negate the excitement. They can coexist! Let’s try this instead: I’m really excited for my trip AND I’m nervous about the flight. The “and” leaves space for both.

The idea of “and” is something my wonderful group of high vibe friends does so well. When sharing a story, we emphasize the AND. Sometimes as a stand-alone sentence! As in: I’m sharing something positive. AND. I’m sharing something challenging. Because they can, and do, exist together. Pretty much all of life is contained in that little AND! It’s not always natural but when I consciously remember to implement this little language shift, it feels really good. Especially as I start a new chapter that is exciting AND uncertain AND scary AND open to lots of new possibilities... :)


It’s the time of year where I’m especially focused on immunity. Besides rest and meditation, here are two of my favorite things for keeping my immune system humming along happily: Wellness Formula (interestingly, recommended to me by both western AND Ayurvedic doctors) and DoTerra “On Guard” oil blend. Enjoy!


I’m sharing three of my favorite uplifting and funny Instagram accounts (especially their stories!).

Orlando Soria @mrorlandosoria

Joy Cho @ohjoy (and her hilarious kids)

The Home Edit @thehomeedit

And one bonus delight: this amazing little video clip!

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