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An old instagram favorite.


A theme that keeps showing up in my life lately is how to know whether something is “true” or actually “works.” And here’s the point I keep coming back to: ultimately it doesn’t matter whether something is true or not if my life is better for it. Brené Brown addresses this in her book Rising Strong. She was wrestling with whether or not she believed that people are doing their best. She interviewed friends, family, and grocery store checkout clerks with the same question: “Do you believe people are doing their best?” Eventually it dawned on her that it doesn’t matter if people are “truly” doing their best or not. Her husband said, “All I know is that my life is better when I assume that people are doing their best.” 

I feel the same way about things like meditation, astrology, alternative healing modalities, or anything else that I’m into that may sound “woo woo” to other people. Even though they may have scientific support, it doesn’t really matter if science says it’s “true.” For me, the only real question is: Does it make my life better? Yes? Then, done! That’s the whole point anyway, right? :)


I just discovered that my favorite natural deodorant brand, Schmidt's, also makes soap! And they’re really good. So far I’m psyched for the Juniper & Cedarwood and Ylang-Ylang Calendula scents. They’re on sale at Whole Foods right now for $3.50 each. (But you can find the deodorants on Amazon - Jasmine Tea and Ylang-Ylang are my favorites!)


This great door sign via @thehomeedit.

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And bonus delight: remember this post on the word Santosha? I was totally delighted to discover this beauty at a natural foods store near me. Santosha AND chocolate? Yes, please! 



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