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I can't get enough of Jamie Beck's gorgeous photographs that look like Renaissance oil paintings!


Having templates for hard things! For me, that means having little text templates saved in my iPhone for canceling plans gracefully, saying no, and gently “rejecting” someone that isn’t a fit for me.

Here are my favorite template resources:

  • For canceling plans (especially with friends you know well).
    • My favorite: “I’m so looking forward to catching up, but I’m wiped! When are you free next week and can the first round be on me?”
  • For saying no to… pretty much anything, ever! Including five steps for crafting the "perfect no."
    • My favorite: “I’ve got several time- and energy-intensive projects on the horizon. I’m clearing the deck to make sure I can hit my deadlines. Without resorting to drugs. Or Doritos.” 
  • Alexandra Franzen's amazing free e-book on how to say no! 
    • My favorite: “I’m honored that you want me to be involved, but this doesn’t feel like the right fit for me right now.”
  • For when you need space:
    • “Hi friend. I’m moving through an important time of getting to know myself and taking time for me. You might not hear from me for a bit. When I’m ready to reach back out I will. I hope you’re well in the interim!” (From Lindsay Mack’s podcast)
  • For declining a second date:
    • “It’s not a chemistry match for me, but I appreciate meeting you and wish you well!” OR “As I listen to my intuition I believe we are not a long term match. I wish you all the best!” (Borrowed and inspired by my lovely friend Kristen!)

Do you have any favorite resources along these lines? Please share! I'm at


I'm sharing two favorites for smooth and healthy travels: 

  1. This Ayurvedic formula. I like it for quelling motion sickness and help adjusting to a new time zone. 
  2. These Herban Essentials towelettes for wiping down the tray table and armrests on the plane. The lavender smell is potent for about 30 seconds and then dissipates. I’ve even had fellow passengers ask to share after I broke one out!


Two cartoons and a great new name via @newyorkercartoons and @elementstyle:

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