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Welcome to B.E. Delight! 

This is my space to share some insightful nuggets and pure delight. Enjoy!




I love this pretty shot of Palm Springs. It’s a favorite place of mine with some very special memories! This image is from Jenny’s Print Shop and unfortunately not available anymore, but there are loads of others in the shop including this favorite that I've shared before.


I came across this quote recently in a book that a friend gave me as a gift:

“Sometimes when we experience great sadness or tragedy, it may cause a soul to want to leave the body. The best way to call it back is to lose yourself in the sheer delights of being human.”

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

So I’m pondering: what feels really good in my human body? What is a sheer delight? Right now that’s eating chocolate, going out on dates, walking outside in nature (rain or shine), eating really delicious food, tuning in to some “woo woo” (lunar patterns and astrology), meeting new people, exploring a new city, comedy in all forms, and making others laugh! What’s a sheer delight for you? I’d love to hear. You can reach me at :)


Another sheer delight of being human is music! But blowing out your eardrums is not. An old roommate introduced me to these high fidelity earplugs. They are amazing for concerts, because instead of muffling the sound like regular earplugs, they just turn the volume down while maintaining the sound quality. They’re also great for airports or anywhere else that's an acoustic nightmare!


Did you know that Netflix recently revived Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it is SO GOOD. Funny, silly, and light while still addressing some more serious topics (homophobia, masculinity, and the Black Lives Matter movement, among others). There are only a few episodes so far, but I’m looking forward to more!


And a bonus delight: a brilliant parenting moment!

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