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I can't get enough of these gorgeous colors in one of my instagram favorites.


You can’t throw a rock on Instagram without hitting a trendy and beautifully styled post that says just breathe. In fact, here is just a tiny sampling of the Google image search results for “just breathe”:

google search.png

But seriously, it’s important. I can easily go a whole day (or week, or month…) without really breathing on purpose. I often don’t even notice but I tend to hold my breath. In traffic. On the phone. Writing emails.

So here’s a little exercise we’ll do together:
Take a full deep breath down to your belly.
Yes, right now. I’m serious.
Inhale, mentally following the breath in from your nose, down through your chest, traveling all the way into the bottom of your stomach.
Go ahead, I’ll wait.  
And do one more breath on purpose.
Did you do it?
Doesn’t that feel good?

Things feel easier and clearer when I breathe on purpose. Let’s put a little intention around that together, shall we? Cheers to a weekend of clarity and deep breaths. :)


On the subject of better breathing…

  • This is my favorite easy, cheap, and non-messy aromatherapy diffuser. It’s a classy step up from putting a few drops of oil on a folded-up tissue!
  • And do you know about Breathe Right strips? They are extremely un-sexy but are so, so great for getting better sleep if you’re experiencing allergies or any sinus issues.


Have you ever listened to the Harry Potter series on audiobook? I can't recommend it highly enough because Jim Dale is the narrator. Here's a little sampling starting at 2:04. His voice! *heart eyes emoji!* 


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