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Finding little things to appreciate -- from the lovely illustrator @bymariandrew


"Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want?" 
- Abraham Hicks

Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? They (“they” or “she” or “it" -- it’s a whole thing, don’t get me started...) talk a lot about the concept of contrast. Contrast means: experiencing what you DON’T want shows what you DO want. And once you know what you DO want, you can easily slip out of the negative emotion from the don’t-want and focus on the good feeling of your desire. 

Here’s an example. I’m currently sharing a car with my family after having a car of my own for many years. I appreciate that they are willing to share but it can get frustrating. When I notice my frustration, I try to use that as a cue for contrast. I’ve clearly identified my “don’t want” (sharing a car). What is it I DO want? My own car. Now, what would having my own transportation feel like? It feels like freedom, independence, spontaneity, flow, and FUN.

If I can kind of bask in those future feelings of freedom, etc., after a few minutes that will actually change the chemical makeup in my body… and it just feels good! So then chemically, I am feeling those good feelings right NOW even though the outer circumstances haven’t changed at all.  

Here’s the formula:

  1. Notice when you’re experiencing a DON’T want. 
  2. Identify what you DO want.
  3. Figure out what your desire will feel like, and milk it!

This can apply in all sorts of arenas. Try money:

  1. Notice when your experience is showing you a DON’T want – like... having less money in your savings account than you want. 
  2. Now identify what you DO want -- x amount of dollars in your savings account.
  3. What would having x amount of dollars feel like? Maybe it feels like security, abundance, comfort, confidence, freedom, choices, or power.

Revel in those good feelings and you will feel better that you did a few moments ago, for sure.


These gorgeous organic Ayurvedic perfumes! I have the vata and pitta balancing perfumes and am in love. 


One of the funniest people on the internet just released a book that I'm so excited to dig into - Get It Together!: An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life. Orlando Soria is technically an interior designer, but is mostly just hilarious. Some of the chapter titles include, "Picking a Wall Color That Won't Make You Barf," "Creating a Home That Is Inviting Yet Intimidating," and "If Your Kids Are Brats It's Probably Your Fault for Not Making Their Rooms Cute Enough." You can see some of my instagram favorites from Orlando in this post.

And one bonus delight:



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