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Spectacle Island #1 by Maine artist Matthew Russ.


Let’s talk about lowering the bar for feeling good. A lot of my favorite growth resources focus on feeling good or having a "high vibration." But what if you feel really far from feeling good?

I’m resting at home with some kind of flu right now and, needless to say, I don’t feel my best. On an emotional scale of 1 to 10, I’m at about a 3. Trying to get myself up to a 10 out of 10 is unrealistic and only sets me up to feel worse. So, let’s lower the bar! I’ll ask myself: what can I do to feel one smidge better? Instead of aiming for a 10, I’m aiming to move up from a 3 to a 4. Right now that might look like making a cup of tea, putting on cozier socks, or finding a nice aroma oil. Small stuff, people! For this weekend I challenge you: what’s one tiny thing you can do right now to feel good?


I just devoured this fun, escapist novel: Matchmaking for Beginners. It’s simultaneously fluffy and poignant and just a little magical. A great summer read!


Who else watches The Bachelorette? I know, I know, it’s reality TV trash. But it’s my favorite reality TV trash! It starts this Monday. Who's following along? Let me know at I love to pair the show with this hysterical podcast commentary which comes out the following day. You’re welcome! :)

Bonus delights - two millennial jokes and a non sequitur:


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