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More beauty from a favorite poet, Morgan Harper Nichols. Her instagram is filled with lovely words and images. 


I love this thought from author and activist Glennon Doyle

If you are standing with other women [ed. note: or men!] in a circle and there is a woman standing alone in your circle’s vicinity – the thing to do is notice her, smile at her, move over a bit and say, ‘Hi, come join us!’ Even if she decides not to join your circle – even if she looks at you like you’re crazy – inviting her is STILL THE THING TO DO. This advice is meant for both literal and figurative circles. WIDEN YOUR CIRCLE. ALL THE TIMES. … Horseshoes of friends > circles of friends. Life can be lonely. Stand in horseshoes.

I’ve had experiences on both sides of that circle and I think turning it into a horseshoe sounds infinitely better for everyone involved. Where can you widen your circle?


I am delighting in embracing my inner type-A, hyper planned, color-coded, and organized self with this planner. I love seeing my task list, schedule, intention for the day, gratitude list and what I’m excited about all in ONE spot. It’s extra fun to color-code it with nice pens. ;)


Fans of Friends will appreciate this video clip of Matt LeBlanc singing Joey’s (extremely stupid and hilarious) songs from the show. 

Most folks are familiar with James Cordon’s “Carpool Karaoke” but have you seen any of his “Crosswalk the Musical” clips? He and his famous guests perform bits of a musical in the short amount of time it takes the stoplight to flip from red to green. Here’s one with the cast from The Greatest Showman.

Speaking of The Greatest Showman (which was SO good!), I loved this interview with Zendaya where she shares a funny blooper with Zac Efron.

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