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This pretty print has been on my wishlist for a long time. It feels like summer! 


Happy full moon! With summer on the horizon, this week Cass McCrory (one of my favorite people on the internet!) invited us to consider what a successful summer would look like. Specifically, she shared two lists: her keys to a successful day and keys to a successful week. Her keys included playing with her kids, getting an ice cream cone, taking a yoga class, and doing “work that fits in the boundaries that I determine.”

Her lists inspired me to identify my own ingredients for a satisfying day. Right now they look like this:

  • Time outside (could be: walk, sit in sunshine, toes in sand, etc.)
  • Meditation (two 20-minute sessions of Transcendental Meditation) 
  • Movement (some kind of walk, yoga asanas, cardio, or strength training)
  • Connection (a social connection either in person or by phone)
  • "Indulgence" (could be: reading for pleasure, TV, dining out, manicure, etc.)
  • And most importantly: grace for myself even if none of those things happen! :)

What are your ingredients of a satisfying day? Feel free to share at


From my "indulgence" list -- I love having my nails done but traditional polishes are full of scary chemicals. On my mission to find less toxic options, I found this one! It's a beautiful, super-shiny, classic red. A bunch of friends commented on it so I'm sharing here.


A roundup of recent funnies:


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